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List 5 christian movies na gusto niyo


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Hi mga ka SB. Maganda ang christian movies and seems not popular kasi puro nlng secular movies ang mga pinapanuod ngayon. Magshare po tayo dito kung ano po yung the best 5 christian movies na napanuod niyo.

Sakin eto po

What if
The encounter part 1
The last sin eater
Me Again
October baby
Facing the giants
This is our time
sa akin eto:

a journey to home
a walk to remember
left behind 1 & 2
letters to God
share papo kayo mga brothers and sisters.:clap:

* Soul Surfer
* A Walk To Remember
* Fireproof
* The Encounter 1

Konti lang pala nakita kong Christian movies :(

In the Beginning
Soddom and Gomora
Passion of the Christ
Samson and Delilah
10 Commandments

pwede ba yan?
*one night with the king (esther's story )
*pilgrims progress (a journey to heaven)
*what if:)
what would Jesus do?
to save a life
facing the giants
the encounter part 1
a journey to heaven
ito sa akin

the anunciation
the passion of the Christ
Jesus of Nazareth
10 commandments
Noah's ark
wow salamat sa mga share niyo. share papo kayo mga ka sb.
1. Son of God (2014)
2. End of the Spear (2005)
3. A Walk to Remember (2002)
4. Facing the Giants (2006)
5. Heaven Is for Real (2014)
. . . . . . . . . . .grace unplugged..........ok 2 pra s mga teens n nsa worship team................
1. Passion of the Christ
2. Fireproof (for couples)
3. God's not dead
4. Grace unplugged

pwede po ba magrequest dito ng mga links ng Christian movies?
The Encounter lang napanood ko pero ganda. try ko ibang sinabi nyo
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