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Magoshare AweClone for Mac with lifetime key


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Magoshare AweClone for Mac is an easy-to-use and powerful disk copy & disk cloning software for Mac that is designed to help you to back up your data, disk, and system. Using it, your can easily copy all your files from your Mac/device to another hard drive/device with only one click. Other than that, this powerful tool provides a smart disk cloning solution that helps you generate the disk image backup of your Mac system/ external device/ hard drive. Therefore, you are able to create a full copy of your disk/ external device/ system with ease and freely use it on another Mac.​

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Main Features​

Feature Highlights
  • Magoshare AweClone for Mac is an efficient disk copy software for Mac that allows you to copy all your files from your Mac/device to another hard drive/device.
  • It also helps you copy or clone any hard drive or device to any other hard drive or device on your Mac.
  • AweClone for Mac will help you 1:1 copy data from one location to another location securely and efficiently. It offers options to define how, what, and where to backup your disk/data.
  • You are allowed to restore your data with the Image backup on any other Mac or hard drive.
  • AweClone for Mac is 100% safe disk cloning software for Mac. It will never cause any data loss as well as never cause any damage to your hard drive or system.

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