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Malapit na to!! "Eagle mining catapult. Mag online mainnet sa October 2023. Mauuna pa sa pi network.


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Sa mga Wala pa pede pang Humabol.

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Eagle Cloud Miner is a New Cryptocurrency with an Elevated Proof of Stake (Epos) Blockchain Launched February 2021

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Eagle is a new and free digital currency you mine on your phone. Join as a pioneer and earn big!
EgonCoin Mainnet Wallet Update
(Work Continues...)

EgonCoin Blockchain team is currently working in getting set for EgonCoin Mainnet and EgonCoin CEX exchange listing before 10/23

EgonCoin Ecosystem Usecases
โœ… EgonCoin Exchange
โœ… EgonSwap Dex
โœ… CryptoKara Wallet App
โœ… Wrapped EgonCoin Token
โœ… EgonCoin Utility Coin
โœ… EgonCoin USD (collateralised)
โœ… EgonWallet App
โœ… Partner Project Tokens Mining
โœ… Egon Bitcoin Browser
โœ… EgonNFT Metaverse
โœ… EgonCoin Partnerships
โœ… Egon P2P Trading Hub
โœ… Egon Payment Gateway
โœ… Egon Transborder Payments
โœ… Egon Online Merchant API
โœ… DSocial Hub
โœ… EgonMall Market Place
โœ… EgonAi Platform
โœ… CoinVila Price Analysis App

Main Project Site

EgonCoin Whitepaper

Long time value is maintained by products & services used by millions of people worldwide

Work Continues . . .
It's all about use cases for the masses as only projects with use cases survives long time

Let's build utilities with your support

EgonCoin Team

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Unstake & Remove Liquidity NOW!!!

>>> IMPORTANT Announcement <<<
(Retroactive Reward Check Lists)

As we get ready for EgonCoin mainnet and listing all users should act on the under listed steps immediately

1). Unstake All Crypto from EgonSwap DEX
2). Remove All Liquidity from EgonSwap DEX
3). Unstake All Crypto from CryptoKara
4). Remove All Liquidity from CryptoKara
5). Unstake All EgonSwap token from PancakeSwap
6). Remove All EgonSwap token Liquidity from PancakeSwap
7). Reward DATA calculation starts immediately.
8). Do ALL steps now without delay!!!
9). Distribution of Egon Retroactive rewards comes soon.
10). Retroactive rewards go into CryptoKara & EgonSwap token hold wallets.
11). As we prepare for EgonCoin Blockchain mainnet, all stake and liquidity should be removed immediately.
12). EgonToken to EgonCoin 1:1 remains
13). EgonCoin to partner projects tokens according to your support level
14). Two mining apps to mine partner projects token. Accumulate Partner projects token NOW!
15). Current partner project tokens are Egon-Inu and Catapult Protocol.
16). No more EgonToken Mining
17). EgonToken holders with minimum 100 EgonSwap Token get rewarded as planned
18). Both EgonWallet and Cryptokara wallet will be maintained.
19). Major update for both wallets coming soon.
20). Major EgonCoin Blockchain announcement soon.
21). EgonCoin mainnet and listing updates soon.
22). Reward Eligibility Requirements - Minimum 100 EgonSwap Token balance as any wallet with less than 100 get no rewards and cannot EgonSwap Token to EgonCoin 1:1

Last Chance to BUY & Hold EgonSwap Token before EgonCoin Mainnet

Retroactive EgonToken Benefits
This is initial roadmap promise made to be given to EgonToken holders. Holders to get 2% to 12% more EgonToken according to support levels.
Minimum balance for reward is 100 EgonSwap Token

Be Rewarded

Let's All Push EgonCoin to TOPS!!!

Eagle Network Initiative
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Egon Holding Rewards For Not Selling

๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ IMPORTANT๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡
EgonCoin Testnet Is Live. After testnet comes mainnet. Install EgonWallet app at Google store to get Testnet EGC coins for testing purposes.

1). EgonCoin
Hold EgonToken and
get EgonCoin 1:1
(Main Blockchain Coin)

2). EgonInu Token
Hold Egon and
get EgonInu 1:500
(Gift From Partner Company)

3). Catapult Protocol
Hold Egon and
get Catapult Protocol 1:50
( Gift From Partner Company )

4). Balance Rewards
Hold above 100 EgonToken and
get 1:100 Catapult Protocol

5). Phase 2 Mining
Withdraw Eagle as EgonInu
after EgonCoin Mainnet
1000 Eagle = 1000 EgonInu

6). Buy EgonToken Rewards
Buy 1000 EgonToken from November
and get 1:250 Catapult Protocol. This reward is for only new EgonToken buys from November 2022.

7). EgonCoin Blockchain Launch
EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet is starting from November 28/11/22. During this testnet phase the community as well as Partner projects and third-party projects can test the EgonChain Blockchain just like work on Ethereum Blockchain. After testnet phase comes mainnet.

8). EgonCoin Testnet
Rewards for testnet users. Participant on the New EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet and get rewarded. Get testnet coins, transfer to your family and friends as much as you can. Deploy a smart contract using EgonChain and get rewarded. Test the EgonChain!!!

9). ?

Holder Rewards
Holders of EgonToken get rewarded at EgonCoin Blockchain mainnet. Buy Egon, hold and get rewarded.

Egon Sellers
There is no future rewards for EgonToken Sellers as address is already blacklisted for selling before mainnet.
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Participate on EgonCoin Testnet
(Get Rewards for Your Testnet Activity)

1). Install EgonWallet from play store or App store

Google Play Store Link
EgonWallet - Apps on Google Play

2). Create Wallet
Make sure to safe your 12 words seed phrase and never give it to anyone not even to core team, and never enter it on any site.
Safe it outside your phone incase lost phone.

3). Copy address and go to faucet site to get Test EGC

Free EGC Coins
EgonCoin Testnet Faucet

4). Paste your address and click submit. Claim 5 each day

You get 5 EgonCoin (EGC) at each claim, you need to share like 0.1 EGC each to friends and family.

5). After sharing you can request for more EgonCoin.
You cannot get more without sharing balance.

6). Use Testnet DEX to add Liquidity, Farm, Pool, Swap, Buy/Sell.
๐Ÿ‘‰TestSwap Finance

Farm both EGC & tokens on the DEX powered by EgonCoin. The testnet DEX token is "Testnet Swap Token" (TEST)

Testnet DEX- TestSwap Finance

7). Staking DApp

The official Testnet staking Dapp for holders of EGC to stake & earn more EGC. Both EGC holders & Elevators can stake & be rewarded according to amount staked & time staked. 20% from total supply is consensus stake rewards

8). Show your friends and family how to download EgonWallet and do same.

9). Active EgonWallet addresses will get rewarded at mainnet.

Mainnet is just around the corner ( 4th Quarter 2023 )

10). EgonCoin Blockchain Opportunity
EgonCoin provides a chance to get in early as we all missed the opportunity to get in at the start on top cryptos.

Take Action now and get in Early before mainnet

EgonCoin Blockchain project is coming with several use cases to sustain the ecosystem long time, with hard working core team active since 2017.
EgonSwap Token Rewards
(Final Notice)

Eligibility Check Lists
All EgonSwap token holders are directed to unstake, remove liquidity and unfarm from EgonSwap DEX, CryptoKara DEX and PancakeSwap immediately.

This is because of some changes that is to take place as a result of preparation towards EgonCoin mainnet launch which will happen very soon.

.............. ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†...........

Migrate from EgonSwap Token to EgonCoin Action Steps

1). Unstake, Unfarm and remove liquidity from EgonSwap DEX
2). Unstake, Unfarm and remove liquidity from CryptoKara DEX
3). Unstake, Unfarm and remove liquidity from PancakeSwap.
4). Do above steps immediately if it applies to you.
5). Failure from unstake, remove liquidity and unfarm of EgonSwap Token and Cryptos means you choose NOT to get holders rewards.
6). Snapshot of all holding address will be taken anytime without notice.
7). This is the final notice.
8). All EgonSwap token holding address with minimum 100 EGON is eligible.
9). Buying of EgonSwap Token continues till EgonCoin mainnet.
10). Buy and hold above 100 EGON now and be eligible for rewards
11). Reward lists
EGON 1 :- 1 EgonCoin
EGON 1 :- 50 Catapult Token
EGON 1 :- 500 Egon-Inu
Also 2% to 12% more EgonSwap token as retroactive reward to holders who unstake, unfarm and remove liquidity as directed.
(Minimum 100 EgonSwap Token)
12). Any wallet address with less than 100 get no rewards and cannot EgonSwap Token to EgonCoin 1:1

Last Chance to Buy and Hold EgonSwap Token before EgonCoin Mainnet

Retroactive EgonToken Benefits
This is initial roadmap promise made to be given to EgonSwap token holders. Holders to get 2% to 12% more EgonToken according to support levels, including Catapult Token and Egon-Inu Token rewards after mainnet.
Minimum balance for reward is 100 EgonSwap Token

Be Rewarded

Eagle Network Initiative
social channels links like facebook and twitter?
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