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Movies You Should Watch Before You Die!

pre, miracle in cell no.'s enough to make a grown man cry.. hahaha
For me..
les miserables
passion of the christ
angels and demon

naked weapon

one more chance
oro plata mata
Movie marathon this holidays

-She's the one - korni
-miracles in cell 7 - the best! 10/10(pigil ang luha ko)
-escape plan - 10/10 galing ni stallone
-ip man - 8/10

Currently watching
Ipman 2....

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Stephen King's - The Shining 1980
Django Unchained

The Elephant Man (1980)

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Two of my most favorite movies of all time: Schindler's List and The Shawshank Redemption. :thumbsup:
Here are my suggestion TS:

- The wedding Singer
- Fireproof
- A beautiful mind
- Rockstar
- The Truman show
- Braveheart
- A knights tale
- Romeo and juliet
- The Blind side
- Blood diamond
- Remember the titans
- Back to the future
- City of Angels

and just watch the new indi film "On the Job" (tagalog). I highly recomend this to must watch film of this year. :peace:
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