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MSI Z690 Force Wifi Review


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Got this new PC for my younger sister. And she wants RTX 40 series.

I bought her MSI Z690 force wifi for her i9 13th gen.

• What is your favorite aspect of the product and how did it improve your user experience?
Looks perfect to her white rig. With its wifi 6e and ddr5, it will give her better performance.

• Why did you choose this product over another?
  1. Price
  2. Performance
  3. Quality
  4. Looks
• Does the product fulfill your needs? Does it deliver beyond your expectations?
Yes. This is all I need for her now and it will deliver beyond my expectations. With MSI Z690 Force Wifi, she can do whatever she wants to do with it. Playing AAA games, while streaming, and multitasking things.

• What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the product?
I think the strengths of MSI products are their quality at a lower price.
And I think there is no weakness I see in these products, everything on these things is great.


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