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[OFFICIAL] HTC ONE (M7) Thread - Tambayan

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may active members pa po ba dito?
ask lang sana kasi before LTE covered ang area namin, then nung mag try ako dito sa HTC one ayaw mag LTE signal
Android version: 4.4.3
Software version: 6.11.980.12
HTC sense version: 6.0
Kernel version: 3.4.10-g40b189c and@ABM103 #1 SMP PREEMPT
Baseband version: 4T.30.3218.21_10.33I.1718.01L
Build number: 6.11.980.12 CL366813 release-keys

ask ko sana kung yung baseband ba na ito ay compatible sa LTE dito sa pinas? nabili ko kasi ng second hand di ko alam kung saan bansa galing. TIA
sir kung smart user ka hindi gagana LTE sa HTC ONE mo, sa GLOBE lang pwede gumana yung LTE ng Unit mo kase supported nila yung baseband ng HTC SMART hindi
Sir ask q lang pano po magagawa ung s camera..everytime iuse the cam there is a purple haze that is why i cant use it anymore..and i have read on the internet that it is the major problem for htc user..tnx
usb host mode paano po ausin to


up.. dko pa naaus tong issue na to ahaha date 8.30.15, huhuh:upset:u
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First of all. Welcome HTC One User's. :salute:

New to ANDROID? Here's a comprehensive thread
made by our very own Moderator HHubs

It's gonna be a long ride :rofl: Please do read all the information given on this post.​

(Flashing Firmware and Custom Roms)

ts ok ba to gamitin ang HTC phone thanks
Cno may alam kung saan pwede magparepair ng HTC phone?
htc ko may kulay pink pag naka on ang camera.... :upset: makukuha kaya sa update ng firmware nito mga experts dyan? salamats
htc ko may kulay pink pag naka on ang camera.... :upset: makukuha kaya sa update ng firmware nito mga experts dyan? salamats

sa chip yan malapit sa camera.pag ngooverheat ngging pink. Pero pag unang bukas ok nman ung cam?
mga pre maganda ba ang update ng lollipop?especially ang battery life?
Sino po may HTC M7 Japan variant sainyo? (AKA HTC J One) Baka pwede po ninyo ako matulungan para mapalakas ang signal ng Cellular ko ang hina kasi. Thanks in advance po.
sino may alam ng htc screen repair? hirap magkaroon ng htc, walang ng service center dito sa pilipinas
mga sir mam. bka meron sanyo nag bebenta ng sirang HTC one m7. kelangna ko lang ng LCD. or kahit LCD lang :-). kung wala. san ba meron pagwaan ng murang LCD nabasag yung sakin e. hoho! salamat!
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