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Which type of coffee do you prefer??


メネセス ジョン
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  • 25% Espresso :dance:
  • 45% Steamed Milk :hilo:
  • 30% Foam :excited:

Coffee Wink GIF by joeyahlbum
Barako without sugar if kung may coffee press/maker.
if from Tim Hortons, siguro yung Spanish Latte.
if from Starbucks, yung barista coffee.
Black coffee
Brewed coffee
Dark mocha ng costa
dtx coffee mix


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Fan ako ng Kopiko Black Astig dati.
Nawala ang angas ko noong nagpapalpitate na ako kahit 2 hours ago after magkape.
Nag-stick na lang ako ng coffee stick na tig-te-tres :D
Black coffee all the way.
Brewed coffee ng McDo
Nescafe Creamy latte

Dahil bawal na sugar, black coffee nalang muna.
gusto ko yung coffee stik . .ayoko ko 3 in1 kasi most of the content is kemical .. 1% lang atah coffee . .kahit tignan nyu ..

kaya wag na kayo umimum ng 3 in 1 . . . . . yung coffee lang talaga inumin nyu ..
macchiato talaga peborit ko :lmao:

pero tipid tipid na ko ngaun :lol:

nescafe stick tas gatas ni baby ung creamer.. no sugar :rofl:
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