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ALPHABET Conversation Game

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Let’s have a conversation with a twist. Let’s do it alphabetically.
•We must exchange convo in which the first word we post must begin with the next letter of the alphabet.
•Start with letter A and so on .. Following the letter Z loop around to letter A and the game continues, Gets?
•Please refrain from using foul language (profanity)

Anong iniisip mo ngayon?
Bills, di ko alam papano babayaran lol
Chat mo si Cayetano baka bigyan ka 10k

Lemme start
Asan ba pamalo ko?:lmao:
Bardagulan ba hanap mo? :lol:
Close ba tayo? 🙄
Ewan ko :lmao:
For what I know oo :lol: :lmao:
Glad to see you here :missyou:
Isarado ko na ba to? :lmao:
Joke ba yan? :lol:
Kung pwede lang sana e :lmao:
let's do this! 🚽 :lmao:
Mukang okay naman so goooo :lmao:
Nakaraos na 🚽 :lol:
Oo, parang kakainin ako ng lupa :lmao:
Parang lang? gawin mo na! :punish: :lol:
Queen of FG ako hello 🙄 (jk) :lmao:
really ba? Mukhang oo nga :lol:
Sure ako dun walang duda :dance:
Tama! tama! tama! :rofl: :lmao:
Not open for further replies.
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