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Anong oras ka madalas dito sa Symb?


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Good day mga Paps.

The title says it all.

Anong oras ka ba madalas dito?
late afternoon to night time in the past.
depende, madalas 24/7 :lmao:
morning till night :lol:
8 to 7 pm

tapos pitiks pitiks pag nagising sa madaling araw :max:
tuwing gabi, naguumpisa pa lang addiction ko :naughty:
umaga at gabi, depende na rin siguro sa oras pag hindi busy

ngayon mismo

araw araw basta may net lang

basta makalibre nandito na ako niyan
kapag break time ,o kaya uwian na
mostly 10am to 2am,,naging body clock ko na yang timeslot na yan due to work sched
once in a blue moon, naging busy na saka iwas sa toxic lalo sa forum world.
Mga 3am till 9pm, minsan 24/7:lmao:

Kaya madaming galit sakin sa cute thread e:laugh:
since wfh; as long as gising nagchecheck palagi dito
No fixed schedule, anytime I feel like it.
Pero usually rin sa office, in between tasks and transactions,
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