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Anong oras ka madalas dito sa Symb?

hi guys, me time to login here around 11p-1a everyday! how about the others time to login here also? goodluck to us!
Early morning until 9pm
sa hapon o madaling araw depende sa PC unit ko if running o di!
Depende sa mood ..

silip silip nalang e.
depende if di nagloko yng PC unit ko gamit makalogin ko dito at maka basa mga pinost dito! Goodluck to us!
Kapag nasa work, maghapon. Kapag nasa bahay, silip silip lang. :yes:
Hi if my PC good running makalogin me here Symbianize site! more power to us!
If pc unit ko running makakalogin ko dito sa symbianize! Goodluck to us!
depende din sa mood
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pasundot sundot na lang :lol:
If pc unit ko running makakalogin ko dito sa symbianize! maulan na araw!
Lately laging hapon hanggang hatinggabi
around 10am upto 3am
minsan depende sa gising,,napapaaga,
if my pc running, around 11pm-2am and sometimes in afternoon time around 3pm-6pm! Goodluck to us!
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