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Anong taon ka naging member ng Symbianize?

Actually i was / i am a member of symbisnize since sometime around 2010 to 2011 by the name STUPIDAX .. until when the website went down at first, then.. it had a temporary site for awhille but shut down also.. then it took over more than a year or two i guess until it finally came backup to now.. the thing was,, i forgot my previuos password from my first account and the email add for my recovery back up then was at my previous emplyoyer's company email address so i wasn't able to recover it cause they erase or obsollete that address.. its inaccessible already so i had to make a new account. *cool*(y)
Nov 14, 2007 hehehe
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halatang leecher lng ako dati hahaha
2010 hahaha, mga tito at tita na tayo :rofl:
It's 2011. Kasi yun yung time na bumalik ako from other country and uso pa non time na yun ang net shop, don ako nag tatambay before mag aral ulit, then nabasa ko yun term na credit to Symbianize, ayern, nagcheck ako ng forum and signed up. Though di ako gaano kaactive before, more on
browsing and leeching lang ako. Nag gigive back lang ako konti for now kahit busy busyhan na sa adult life.

Tanda ko na, buhay pa Symb and it's amazing.:hhands:
Thanks sa mga staff na nagdecide na ibalik pa rin to kahit di rin biro mag maintain ng forum.:loved:
Sept. 2008 at ngayon lang ako na interact at lumevel up
Nasa 11-12 years na ata ako panahon pa ng blackberry :ROFLMAO: tsaka pa may bagong cp iflash agad sa custom rom LOL
Screenshot 2023-10-12 152853.png
13years na pala akong member
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nagpawa pa ako noon ng ID haha. di ba may ID ID pa noon. astig non
2009 pero daming ibang site at wap na naging member before dito.
2009 kaso hindi kuna ma recover yung account ko nun
Jan 2008. Naka Nokia N82 pako nitong time na to. Kaya napadpad ako sa Symbianize dahil sa free net, unlocking S40 mobile phones, at adult vidz na rin. Hahahah
Kasag sagan ng Wimax, mula BM621 hanggang pinalitan na ng LTE


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2009 pero before ako dito sa Wap pa ako active...dun maraming mga ip tricks, gblogs din download mga wallpapers etc.
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2009 pero before ako dito sa Wap pa ako active...dun maraming mga ip tricks, gblogs din download mga wallpapers etc.
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