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Poem Be Calm and Steady


Life itself is a challenge, a triumph, a disaster
I almost forgot, nobody told us that it would be fair
Willing to give up everything, left with no spare
Making sure life will be more fruitful for our heir

Walking around thinking of "what if's", makes me wonder
What could have happened? Would my early days have been better?
Staring at the red and blue pill makes my heart beat faster
Should I choose one? Or face this life head-on, be strong and tougher?

God has given us allies, like friends and family
Our shoulder to cry on, make us laugh, and be our company
He knows our stay is going to be a journey
He will guide us no matter what, be calm and steady

This is not the only life on which we're going to embark
So when we felt alone, struggling and crying in the dark
Turn into prayers, be a good person and make a spark
Live life to the fullest, always do good and leave a mark

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