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Poem Life And Death

Life and Death

Time passed by like a flash of light
This day is meant for this final fight
If eternal life will surely get
Then I wouldn't be afraid of this fight between life and death.

The days of life are counted
Time is so short that shouldn't be wasted
So here I am thinking how my days will spend
Until this life would come to an end.

I asked God for the power and strength
To face this life in its limited length
If God will take this life He lend
Would He open the heaven's gate so life would extend?

If tomorrow comes I wouldn't open up my eyes
And if this flesh turns cold like a frozen ice
God please take me to a place called paradise
And I ask for eternal life to be my prize.
In the realm of life's grand tapestry,
We face the dance of mortality,
Where each step forward is tethered to fate,
And the shadows of death we cannot abate.

Life blossoms like a fragrant flower,
A treasured gift for every hour,
From the moment of birth 'til the final breath,
We journey through joys and sorrows, till death.

In the cradle of life, our spirits soar,
We laugh, we love, we learn, we explore,
With youthful vigor, we embrace the morn,
And seize the moments, from dusk till dawn.

But as time passes, the seasons change,
And whispers of mortality rearrange,
We witness the cycle, the ebb and flow,
From the cradle of life, to the grave below.

Death's gentle touch, a truth we can't escape,
A solemn fate no mortal can reshape,
A closing chapter, the end of the story,
Yet life's essence lives on, a blaze of glory.

For within us all, a legacy lies,
A spark of immortality defies,
The chains of mortality, the final sleep,
In memories cherished, forever we keep.

So let us savor life's fleeting bliss,
Embrace the moments, seal them with a kiss,
For in this dance of life and death's embrace,
We find the beauty of our human grace.
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