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Poem Hi, it's me!

I guess you've known
but still waiting for an answer
I guess you've heard
but still choose to ignore it

It may be sudden
or it may be too slow
It might not be the right time
nor me on the right place

I just wanted to shout to everybody
how much you mean to me
I wanted to be proud of every
steps you dare to walkthrough

But seeing as i am nobody
i can't express myself
Seeing you as you are
bright at the sun who shines through

The least i can do is to support
just through the shadow
I atleast see the genuine
smile and confidence you brought through

> Disclaimer
To say this as a poem is not hard, but showing this is different. As i said, i'm just a nobody. Well if somehow this one reach you, i sincerely hope that you are well and happy.
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