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Cybersecurity Monitoring & Detection Lab


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This Bootcamp will teach you how to set up Monitoring, Detection and hacking lab environment for all your security research, Monitoring, Detection, hacking tools, and training you’ve always wanted to do. you will discover how to add several different target systems from the latest Windows platform to systems that are intentionally vulnerable such as Metasploitable, OWASP, DVWA, Mutillidae etc. Having these targets will allow you to launch attacks, verify vulnerabilities, monitor the logs and conduct research projects without your production environment.
Building a Cybersecurity Monitoring and Detection Lab Environment, you’ll learn how to create an environment that you can use to enhance your learning and will teach you how to set up an environment to practice your Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking skills such as Launching a cyber-attack, verifying vulnerabilities, Conducting research projects and much more.
Who Should Attend:
Anyone who wants to learn cyber security and apply its principles in a risk-free environment should take this course. If you want to master cyber security research and learn hacking tools, then this is a perfect place to start.
Basic IP and security knowledge is nice to have. Students need to understand basic networking. Students needs to understand Networking Fundamentals. Basic of Linux, Windows and VMware workstation.
Attacker Systems:
Kali Linux OS
Vulnerable Web Applications:
Who this course is for:
This course is for students trying to setup Cybersecurity Lab
Network Engineers and Security Engineers
Network Security Engineers looking to improve their Skills.
Network & Security Engineers looking to perform different test.
Basic IP and security knowledge is nice to have.
Students need to understand basic networking.
Students needs to understand Networking Fundamentals.
Working knowledge of networking technology.
General knowledge of TCP/IP.
Basic Linux and programming concept.

ENJOY Learning !!!
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Wow, this sounds like an awesome opportunity! I've always wanted to set up a Cybersecurity Monitoring and detection Lab but wasn't sure where to start. Your post is super informative and motivating. However, I also think of studying to become a security operations analyst associate. Thanks for sharing this resource, though!
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