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[FAQ] Sony Ericsson

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What is SEUS? What is SESC?
SEUS stands for Sony Ericsson Update Service. it's the official program that SE released so their power user can update their phones on their own via internet.

SESC stands for Sony Ericsson Service Center. it's a place where u can ask for their help when u have troubles with ur SE phone.
How to check the firmware version on SE phones?
> * < < * < *
> means press the joystick to the right
< means press the joystick to the left
* means press the * button (bottom left)

press the sequence in standby screen.
just ignore whatever shows up on ur screen, keep on pressing the sequence...
a hidden menu will shows up, select service info, then software info...
u'll see some lines of text...
the first line is the firmware version...

PS: this works for non P-series phones!
After pressing the sequence above, i can see Service Tests menu shows up on my screen... What is this for?
it can be used to help u diagnose ur phone's system...
specially hardware (eg. keypad, LCD screen, loudspeaker, etc.)
Can I update my phone's firmware to the latest version, by myself?
yes, u need to download SEUS from, install and run it, it will guide u through the whole process step by step.
make sure u backup all ur data before updating ur phone!
So how can i backup my data (contacts, sms, pictures, ringtones, etc) easily?
u can try My Phone Explorer. Get it at it's free
I need antivirus app for my SE phone (non P series). Where can i get it?
 it doesn't exists... coz SE phones (non P series) doesn't use third party OS like Symbians, or Linux.
My k750i/w800i can only record video for 10seconds, is there any application that allows me to record more than 10 seconds?
go to video recording mode, press Settings>Video>Shoot mode>High Quality video.
Now u can record to the last byte of ur memory. No other application needed, and there is none exists...!
Can k750i/w800i plays mp4 video? i tried it and got only sounds with black screen... did i do something wrong?
yes, k750i/w800i and newer models can play mp4 videos...
here's the requirements for encoding mp4 videos so it can be played smooth in ur phone...
video resolution : max 176x144
Frame Per Second (FPS) : 15
video bitrate : 200 - 250kbps
audio bitrate : 32 - 64kbps

softwares to encode :
- Nero Recode 2
- SUPER from eRightSoft
- Direct MPEG4 Maker
- many more...
How To Install Games On Your Sony Erricson
Applies to most SE phones. Especially the new breeds of walkman phones, and k750i

If u have an infrared, or bluetooth device on your pc, u send the files to your phone and u'll receive it like a sms. (This method if for phones which do not have USB cable to connect to PC, then u have no choice but to do this)

please note: unlike nokia phones, SE or at least most of them, after receiving an installation file through bluetooth or infrared, will prompt u immediately to install it. If u choose no, thinking u'll install it later, well, u cant do that, as the file will be deleted. At the same time, if u click yes, after a successful installation, the file will auto delete itself.

Therefore, if u wanna transfer multiple games to your cellphone via this method, u'll have to do it one at a time.

But the recommended way would be to use a usb cable, and transfer the installation files to your phone. Save it in the folder memorycard(MMSEMC or something equivalent)> media files folder > Other.

Then, use the file manager to access the folder. The installation file will be there. Install, and enjoy.
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