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Essay fighting a loosing battle

just wanted to release some thoughts from my mind. it's very difficult to tell others how this feels because i guess they won't understand. even i who feels this can't understand it either.

to be honest, i'm not a talented guy or something, i'm just an average person, but have you felt that what you do is not enough? i mean, i have a constant struggle on work then there's the thing where i teach a choir but at the end of the day, i'm not satisfied on how i did on work or how the singing ended.

i feel hollow to the point that it bugs me every second, like now i was suppose to be sleeping but ended up awake and the constant image of my failure keeps cycling itself to my mind. i really feel helpless at times.

even my favorite thing (gaming) can't even alleviate the feelings of dread or whatever this is in my head.

and the sad part of it is i need to go for it because if i stop, i might think something that i might regret in the end. am i depressed or just sad or something because i really don't know how to figure it.

thank you by the way, symbianize..
just want to let this out of my head..


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By writing or releasing your thoughts, can somehow lighten your heavy loads.
You may try to travel or unwind; connecting with nature is also therapeutic.

Also, try to release through your tears. It helps a lot.

And most of all, pray- talk to Him. He can make you feel better.


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Try doing things that you usually don't do. try to listen to preachings also it will lighten up your feelings and gives you new perspective in life.
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