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Graphics [GFX] Ripping FAQ

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What is ripping?
  • Ripping is taking something that you did not create and passing it off as your own work of art.
    Even with slight modifications like a name change or a different border, it is still classed as a Rip.

I found a nice stock image on a website, can I use it in my art?
  • Stock images have been created for people to freely use, however they still have a copyright on them to prevent misuse and theft.
    Literally everything anyone creates has an instant copyright whether its been registered or not.
    This means that if the original artist views your art and requests for it to be removed, you MUST remove it immediately.
  • Be careful with search engines like Google Images. These sites do not search for stock images alone, otherwise it would have been named Google Stock Images.
    Therefore an image that has been found in the results may not be allowed to be edited for personal use.

I heard taking stuff from DeviantART is wrong?
  • Oh the debate of all debates. DeviantART is a website dedicated to the display and sale of artworks.
    You are not allowed to use any images from deviantART, with the exception of the stock section.
    All images that are not stored within the stock library are copyrighted and cannot be used.
  • Make sure you also read any journal entries within the Stock account and please follow their requests.

What happens if I rip something?
  • Spectra will discuss about rules on ripping so everyone will be aware :D

I ripped, but it was an accident. What happens then?
  • You do not accidentally rip anything!
  • These rules are simple... DO NOT STEAL!
  • Don't take signatures/tutorials/resources that aren't yours and pass them on as your own creation.
    (Even if you modified them in some little way)
  • Plain and simple.
  • Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

If you have any questions, just drop me or any Spectra members a private message. Thanks and have a good gfx day!



Credits to: RadillacIV
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