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The first decentralized crowdfunding platform P2P in the Philippines


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Please watch the video first to understand how it works..

PHGH.World is a community of givers where each member is an advocate to make better and rid our world of hunger and poverty. This is a world where everyone works to uplift the lives of another by giving what we receive, and share among each other the privilege to a better life. Our opportunity is so unique that the affiliate marketing industry, which we deeply believe in our hearts, will soon be great again.

Are you looking for a way to fund your next big idea? Do you want to support other people's ideas that can make a positive impact on the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we welcome you to PHGH.World, the first decentralized crowdfunding platform that is peer to peer and offers unique opportunities on a global scale.

PHGH.World is a platform that connects funders, entrepreneurs and individuals who share a common vision and passion. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, PHGH.World does not have any intermediaries, and does not impose any restrictions on the types of projects that can be funded. PHGH.World is powered by blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security, and trust among all parties involved

In this system we are using USDT. Install Trustwallet app and choose USDT.BEP20
Feel free to ask for guide..

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Paano magka earn Dito?
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Paano magka earn Dito?
Paano magka earn Dito?
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Paano magka earn Dito?
mag provide help ka lang po. gamit ang USDT.bep20 kasi maliit lang gas fee.
if mag provide help, may earn ka na 50% a month.

Provide help minimum amount is $20, before ka mag start mag upgrade ka muna ng account worth of $5..

register ka po
install trustwallet app. pwede mo ako ma PM para ma guide kita.
isa po itong community base po, P2P DONATION EXCHANGE.
50% ang growth.. i will guide you po.
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