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Poem Heaven Made (Valentine's Day Letter to my Wife)


Women are a thing of beauty, like a rose with dew
Lucky to have her beside me and calling me her beau
Whisper in the ears, kiss on the cheeks or even hugs in lieu
Happiness I can't explain, leaving others with no clue

Days have passed, yet my thoughts are still on the horizon
Can't wait to see her; snooze keeps popping on my phone
I know the feeling is mutual and not just an illusion
Putting her on a pedestal, way above any icon

Every moment with her feels like forever
She makes my day special and no one can do better
She can turn my storm into a bright and dazzling summer
Just like how she flipped my head over my shoulder

Having you as my partner is truly Heaven made
Money & power; just temporary things, I won't trade
Willing to face twist and turns, life is like a braid
Cruising with you, we will make it smooth like a serenade

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