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Poem How hurt to heart someone with no heart

How hurt to heart someone with no heart

Love is the most powerful feeling
For us that exist in this world human being
You cannot control this kind of emotion
Even though, you are the genius generation

Love is good if it is for the right person
But it is bad for already in prison
Prison because you cannot get any attention
For someone that got your attraction

Now I know that love has two faces
Both good but have different consequences
One is the ideal of every human request
To love and to be loved for the rest

And here the other faces of love
The reverse side of all dreams above
To love somebody that married already
All you can say is “you must be ready”

This is the reason why this poem is exist
Created by a man who carry his heart best
And he can say is a question and impart
How hurt to heart someone with no heart

Ginawa ko to para sa babaing pinakamamahal ko!
Sanay unawain nyo!

- - - Updated - - -

One day

I remember the day that I suddenly known you
With sadness in your life deep inside in you
I felt my eyes always looking at you
I don’t know why, I think I felt you’re in feeling blue

Time has passed, you became my someone special
Want to see you every day with your beautiful smile
Slowly fallen for you, I don’t know why
Till the day I said, you become the apple of my eye

Yes, I suddenly said to you that I love you
Without intention anything coming from you
No regret and guilt, when I said that to you
Maybe because I know that you love me too

Every moments of happiness save it to the safety
No one can steal it ‘cause it store in my deep memory
Even million years passed it can’t erase truly
Because you are the reason why my dreams become reality

Reality I said will actually become my dreams
In reality I must not express my true feelings
Because we are not alone in our big world
Considering we have no choice to say I love you by word

For me from the moment that I suddenly known you
It’s like the sunrise of my whole day about you
But the time that I made this poem for you
I know I nearly to see the sunset of my day with you

And this bago ako nagpaalam sa kanya! share ko lang dito, last april lang ako nagpaalam sa kanya!
4years naming mahal ang isa't isa pero walang nangyari, mahal lang talaga namin ang bawat isa! hay kakalungkot isipin
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