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KulaDAO Bridging the Gap between Web 2 and Web 3 - Real World Assets


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KulaDAO is a fairtrade investment firm that aligns the interests of different people groups to create shared value using blockchain technology.

In doing so KulaDAO is able to leverage transparency, immutability and community participation. This is a unique and ground-breaking way of conducting business.​

New Crypto Investment, Innovation and Opportunity​

What is KulaDAO?​

KulaDAO is a unique and ground-breaking way of investing in a diversified portfolio of real-world, physical assets. This can range from natural resources such as gold, limestone & agricultural land, to commodities such as coffee & wheat.

In exchange for an equity stake or a pre-negotiated financial return, investments are made in undeveloped projects and worldwide emerging markets. With the use of blockchain technology, all investment information is made available for public view and in doing so reduces risk to investors.

KulaDAO leverages the profitability associated with the extraction and commercialization of its investments, benefitting both its investors and local community members.
Investors receive a return on their investment whilst local community members are included in profit sharing and governance, where they get to vote on decisions that can impact both their lives and livelihoods.

Blockchain technology allows KulaDAO to benefit investors, clients and local community members alike, aligning the interests of all stakeholders and creating shared value.
Sa ngayon ongoing yung application for legal jurisdiction o approval nila para sa regulation meaning legit yung project. Meron na silang limestone mine na nakakontrata at may 6 pang naka MOU na mga launch nito by January kaya abangan natin. Pwede niyong visit yung website nila kuladao. io.
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