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Poem Leader

A Leader

In the realm where shadows dance and light,
A leader emerges, strong and bright.
With vision as a compass, steady and true,
They guide the ship through oceans blue.

In every heart, a fire they ignite,
Inspiring others to reach new height.
With courage in their every stride,
They navigate the turbulent tide.

A leader listens, empathizes, and cares,
A beacon of strength, banishing fears.
Through stormy weather and skies so clear,
They stand unwavering, a stalwart peer.

Not just a title or a throne,
But a responsibility proudly borne.
To uplift, empower, and elevate,
A leader’s role, to cultivate.

In challenges faced, they find the way,
Turning darkness into the brightest day.
They foster unity, build a team,
A collective dream, a shared esteem.

Leadership is not a solitary quest,
But a collaborative journey, manifest.
With humility, they lead by example,
A ripple effect, a positive sample.

So let us honor those who lead,
In thought, in action, indeed.
For in their hands, a future shaped,

A legacy of leadership, forever draped
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