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List of Sideloaded apps for GW4


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Google Assistant GO v2.8 (ApkMirror): It can do all the important functions you look for in a voice assistant such as phone calls, messaging, app launcher, smart home control, reminders, timers, alarms, perform searches, and is as good as it gets when it comes to answering questions. In terms of a workaround, it's really good and much better than the Wear OS Bixby which is essentially useless. This is the best option not just for GW4, but for all Wear OS given the current state it's in.

Google GO v1.7 (ApkMirror): Best way to use this is as a portal to quickly perform Google Searches and open links in your default browser. It can display quick search results without having to open any links (Weather, Dictionary, Tracking, Etc). It's essentially a stripped down version of the Google App. Newer versions will open links using a Chromium style browser which will crash on your watch unless you also have the Chrome browser app installed (listed below). Older versions will launch links in your default browser app.

Google Chrome for GW4 (XDA)(Google Drive): This version of Chrome is listed in the XDA Google Assistant for GW4 Mega-Thread. It works well Sideloaded but I'm not sure if it's just an older version or also modded to not crash on GW4. This is my go-to personally.

Messenger Lite v18 (ApkMirror): Fully functional Facebook Messenger. If you use Facebook Messenger regularly, this app is a mandatory must have on watch!

Facebook Messenger (Wear OS) (ApkMirror): This is the official Facebook Messenger Wear OS plugin that comes preloaded on some brands that use Wear OS (Not Samsung). It's extremely lightweight and offers a very nice interface designed for watches when you tap "Open App" from a received Messenger notification. It's a convenience that you can install and then forget... It's difficult to explain but I use this and the Messenger Lite app listed above since this is only a plugin that operates as a system app with limited functionality but it's the best at what it does do.

Facebook Lite v49 (ApkMirror): This version works exceptionally well. No bottom bar blocking screen and includes dark mode. It even has it's native Messenger interface that looks amazing and gives you the option to load Messenger Lite or stay in the app. You don't even need Messenger Lite if you have this app and don't mind a couple extra taps to get there. Includes Marketplace, News Feed, profile editing, and all the other features you care about without the ones you don't.

YouTube Go v1.22.54 (ApkMirror): Finally found a YouTube app that works on GW4! It's 100% functional and looks AMAZING! The version I posted works excellent compared to others I tried. It's almost like it was designed for round screens. Also verified that it has no problem playing videos.

Google News v5.5 (ApkMirror): Compared to what's available on the Play Store, this app has no competition. The display isn't perfect but you'll have no problems accessing all content within the app. Several versions don't work but I posted and included a version of Google News that verified does work.

Google Translator (Google Drive): This is the old Translator app that used to come installed on Google Wear OS watches. It works perfectly. Very hard to find.

Google Home v2.7.21.2 (ApkMirror): After extensive testing with various versions of the APK, I can confirm v2.7 is the best version currently for GW4. I was surprised by just how well this app integrates into GW4. If you use Google Home then this is a must have for your GW4!

Google Files Go v1.0.19 (ApkMirror): Excellent file manager for your watch that includes an app manager, automatic junk removal, and cache cleaning. You will have to lower your DPI to dismiss the initial dialog upon installing the app. Newer versions work too with more features at the expense of performance and visibility.

Wear Mail (Watch) (Phone): This is an older standalone/companion email client designed for Wear OS that's available on the mobile Play Store but not Wear OS Play Store. You'll have to extract the Wear OS apk from the mobile apk using one of the sideloading apps I listed below or download it directly from the Google Drive account I linked for your convenience. It's still the best email app available for GW4 and includes linking to all the major players (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc). It can do all the basic email functions you'd expect for an email app. Honorable Mentions: Wear Messages, Wear Photos, Wear Videos, Wear Calendar, and Wear Wifi

Gallery Go (ApkMirror): Lite version of Google photos for easy offline management and editing of your photos and videos. This does not sync photos between your devices. Only download if you store photos on your watch. Note: Wear Photos works better and is located within the Sideload library!

Spotify MOL (Google Drive): A modded Spotify Lite version. I've tried several modded Spotify apps and this is the best one I've found. It can play anything from your Spotify premium account directly from your watch as a standalone. You don't need your mobile device at all.

GW4 Remap (Download): This app is new to the scene by XDA user BigBoot93 and packs a huge punch that I think ya'll are gonna want. With the release of this app, we can now Remap the Bixby and/or Samsung Pay shortcuts to Google Assistant Go or Google Pay respectively. That's right! How it works is when you long press the hardware button, the app of your choice will override the built in app and launch over it. For the Bixby shortcut, it's highly recommended you change your settings to open the power menu instead of Bixby when long pressed. Then configure the app to launch Google Assistant whenever the Power Menu is shown. It's the best option for overriding Bixby hardware. This should help until Google releases an official version of GA for Wear OS 3.0. Update: Ultimate Alexa was just added to the list of configurable apps.

Discord v40.8 (ApkMirror): Works ok. Very clunky but functional if you absolutely need to get on Discord and don't have your phone. Skip this unless you're a Discord junkie.

Instagram Lite v200+ (ApkMirror): Old versions crash. It doesn't look the greatest but it's fully functional. The problem is that the bottom status bar covers 20-25% of the display with blank white space for some absurd reason. Unless you use Instagram often, I recommend skipping.

User Recommendations: Google Voice and Google Hangouts (Have not tried personally so I don't know).
You can lower your font size to optimum viewing by using the following ADB command: adb shell settings put system font_scale 0.80
---Can replace 0.80 with any number. Normal size font uses 1.00.

Apps Used For Side Loading
Bugjaeger (Link):
My personal favorite. Good for any ADB related action that you could possibly need for side loading including bundled installation. Do not prefix commands with "adb".
Easy Fire Tools (Link): Basically the same thing as Bugjaeger with a multitude of other features that could be considered useful or useless depending on the user.
Wear Installer (Link): Good app for quickly extracting the companion Wear OS apk from the mobile companion APK since several outdated apps aren't included in the Wear OS Play Store. Can save the APK or install directly on your watch. No command input functions however.

ADB Commands
Change DPI:
adb wm density xxx
Display Current DPI: adb wm density
Reset DPI: adb wm density reset
Install App: adb -e install <filename.apk>
Uninstall App: adb pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package_name>
Customize Font Size: adb shell settings put system font_scale x.xx
Example: Using ADB Commands To Sideload
Tasker Debloat Task: My own self-made Tasker script to automate the ADB commands for uninstalling/disabling any app (including system app). I'm addicted to Tasker. If you don't know what Tasker is or how to use it, I recommend just running the commands manually for uninstalling system apps. Otherwise, use this: TaskerNet Import Task

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