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Recommended Mobile Applications


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Disclaimer: This is not sponsored, just merely sharing my recommendations para sa mga ka-Symb na associated na ang mobile apps. to their real-life activities.


Taskito ★★★★★
[!] The best to-do, task or planner app I've tried so far. Mainly because naka Timeline siya at meron siyang Planning Board (not like Trello) where you can put your plans ahead and projects in one place which is still synced sa timeline checklist. I was an old user of or have tried TickTick, Todoist, TaskBoard, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do,, Memorigi, Tweek, Taskade atbp. — all of which replaced by Taskito as soon as I used the app. Even bought Taskito's Lifetime Premium kasi ganun ko talaga siya nagustuhan which I highly recommend rin here.

Pros: Timeline design, built-in planning board, recurring tasks, notes within checklist, tasks with tag (and changeable tag colors), notifications etc.
Cons: None for me! But probably the price of its Premium will be an issue for some. I forgot how much, but I think yung Lifetime Premium nasa ₱800-ish before.
Nagpapamigay din Taskito minsan ng Premium subscription code sa Twitter nila.
Calendar Sync: ✔ Yes | Templates: ✔ Yes | Themes: ✔ Yes | Widget: ✔ Yes | Web Version: Under Development

Tusk ★★★
Is it different with Taskito or other to-do app? In a way yes, Tusk is a habit or routine tracker that functions simply, marking your one-time or recurring tasks as completed skipped or postponed.
Though its premium version is quite expensive, very useful parin si Tusk with its Free version.
Cons: Premium Version Pricing (Monthly ₱89.00, Annual ₱325.00 and Lifetime ₱1,799.00)

Journal it! ★★★★
I want to be very bias with Journal it! as I can but since there's only one person developing this app which is the owner at the same time, I'm being patient with it in terms of bug-fixing, update deployment and features. Hindi naman din siya matagal mag fix ng bugs bagkus often updated pa ang Journal it! kasi pinapakinggan ng dev yung mga requests at feedback ng users (Journal it! VIP is where we can directly speak with the developer). Overall in this app, you can have it all-in-one; Diary, Notes, Tasks, Tracker, Planner, Habit, Calendar and other else.
Journal It.png
Can I say that Journal It! is better compared to Day One or Journey? I'm neutral.
If you want an e-Diary alone with rich text editor (font style, font size etc) then go with Day One or Journey. Both got geo-mapping as well.
Journey is the most-awarded journal app, though panalo yung Journal it! sa subscription offers compared kay Day One and Journey na may kamahalan.


CineTrak - tracker for tv shows and movies (also has anime films, movies and shows). You can find anticipated, trending or being watched tv shows/movies here in the app. If you're a Trakt user, you can sync rin sa CineTrak.

Kitsu ★★★★★
Tracker for anime and manga like AniList & MyAnimeList. Though what I like best sa Kitsu ay yung sleek UI both on web and mobile app.
You can easily update (and add or read comments for that particular ep.) progress of the anime you're watching or manga you're reading.
Import from MAL & AniList: ✔ Yes | Quick Update Library: ✔ Yes on Mobile & Web

Tapas - for your manga/comic/novel reading. I usually read at Tapas than at Manga Dogs, Inkr, WebComics, Webtoons, Tappytoon or Toomics because most of the comics or novels na gusto ko ay nasa Tapas na and been using it ever since app was first released. Though trending ngayon si Bilibili Comics.


MyFitnessPal - for tracking of food, calories, exercise, weight. If masipag ka mag jot down ng kinakain mo or want to track your calorie intake then this app is for you. Though hindi ka naman laging manual maglagay ng mga pagkain because of its barcode feature, scan mo lang and anduon na name, ilang calorie etc. Yung mga hindi nababarcode like rice or cooked meals na lang manually mong iinput. Sabayan pa ng paggamit ng Zero app if you're fasting.
Cons: Premium Pricing (Monthly ₱443.99 and Annual ₱2,214.99)
Health Apps Sync: ✔ Yes | Widget: ✔ Yes

Water Time Tracker and Reminder - tracks your water intake but also coffee, juice, tea, cocoa, soda, energy drink, milkshake, spritzer and lot other beverages in glass, bottle or jug (na customizable din per your liking yung volume or amount). Plus you get to have different very cute tracker buddies.
Google Fit Sync: ✔ Yes | Widget: ✔ Yes

SkinCare Routine - track and get reminded on your skin care routine here. You can manually add products or add built-in products of The Ordinary. Very helpful because of its timer and indicates if malapit na mag expire yung skin care product mo.

Period Tracker ★★★★★
Track your period (and some other girl stuff) but what I like best ay may symptoms, mood, weight, temperature and note siyang kasama kaya mas maidedetalye mo yung mga nararamdaman mo every period-day mo. With or without period, you can still jot down notes for the day sa Calendar inside the app. And for ages 18+ only » you can note Intercourse with selections like unprotected, protected, how many times etc. At sa dami ng user nitong app, daming active sa Forum nila (if need mo ng kausap o mapagtanungan about certain things, may mga mag-aadvice at makikinig sa'yo duon). I've been using this for years already, since my high school days that I can say na accurate talaga yung calculation nito.
Built-in Forum: ✔ Yes | Google Sync: ✔ Yes | Pregnancy Mode Feature: ✔ Yes | Widget: ✔ Yes
Period Tracker - My Calendar.png

Lister - best app to track items you've bought or can also serve as shopping list checklist when you head to grocery and shop for items, very neat and useful si Lister. It also has Price History, showing kung magkano binaba o tinaas ng presyo ng mga items.

TripIt ★★★★★
This is the top/most/best app for travel planning and flight checker I've tried. True to its claim na highest-rated nga si TripIt. Subok na subok na. Sobra talagang helpful niya sa paggawa ng itinerary, where you can input detailed information pa per activity per day of your ITIL. A big plus pa is the option to print itinerary, if you're the type of traveler like me na prefer magdala ng hardcopy during trips.
Cons: TripIt Pro is really expensive around ₱2,800.00 pero if maging afforable man yun it's definitely worth to buy kasi it will help you much on processes and stuff you do at the airport during your flight, and other Pro features. But without Pro subscription, TripIt Free is already outstanding.
Calendar Sync: ✔ Yes na yes and real-time update from TripIt to your Calendar (eg. Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar)

Polarsteps ★★★★★
Travel diary na may geo-mapping. I highly recommend using this app for your travels. It pins the locations on the map ng mga places na napuntahan mo, like below image.

BONUS APPS My all-time favorite/most-used apps (+Taskito).

Daylio ★★★★★
Mood tracker, or somewhat a diary? You can jot down your thoughts for the day. I like it best kasi ang cute nung mga mood emojis, and timeline-styled siya. It also has Goals planner/tracker.
Customizable: ✔ Activities, Moods & Icons | Themes: ✔ Yes

MoneyManager ★★★★★
Expenses and budget tracker. I can't express how much I love this app and had helped me sa pagtrack ng mga gastusin. I've tried a lot (really a lot) of other expense tracker apps out there but I find MoneyManager as ultimately the best. Use it for you to see! It has a web version too. Like i.e. under Accounts duon, pwede mong ilagay yung mga savings mo (not actually synced to your bank account) it's a sort of you make a group inside the app ng mga accounts like Cash, Credit Card, Checkbook, Payroll Account, Virtual Wallet (na customizable rin to your liking) and kasama siya sa calculations all throughout ng mga income and expenses, in this way, alam mo kung ilan pa laman ng GCash mo, savings account mo, credit card or magkano pang cash meron ka.
Budget & Recurring Setting: ✔ Yes | Chart: ✔ Yes | Customizable: ✔ Yes Accounts, Categories, Income & Expense Calculation | Themes: ✔ Yes | Homescreen & Notification Bar Widget: ✔ Yes | Web Version: ✔ Yes

Expect edits, changes or added apps on this post from time to time.
p.s. Most of the apps mentioned above ay meron din sa iOS.
🗨️ Feel free to share or recommend your mobile applications too.
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