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General Inquiry [Samsung Galaxy s22+] Issue with Always on Display with Bixby routines

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to check if you had the same issue as mine and how did you resolve it, or come up with a possible solution?

so here's the problem, I enabled a few power saving mode in Bixby Routines like to turn off AOD at a certain schedule at night, as well as when my phone reaches 19% of battery level, it will trigger the power-saving mode and disable most of the system applications that can consume the battery a lot, one of this is the AOD, even though the routine says it will revert back the AOD when the conditions are not met (example, if phone is charged and reaches 20%+ it will turn off the power saver mode, and it was able to enable other functionalities that were disabled except for AOD) same thing with the routine I set at night, if the time is already 6am which is my wake up time, that should disable the routine and turn off the functions that were disabled during the time frame, but yeah as expected other functions turned on except for AOD..

I already tried to do some research but haven't found any relevant info, baka sakali dito sa mga ka symbianize natin meron kayong idea? or this is a known bug what like others are saying, so I have to remove AOD or the power saving for good? Thanks everyone!

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