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Symbianize Trophies - added Staff and Heroic Medals

Trophy points are awarded automatically based on forum activity. You may check the trophy's description for details. Most of the trophies are self-explanatory but we'll try to clarify it further below.


General Trophies
These are introductory generic trophies focusing on our Symbianize accounts.

Luminosity Trophies
These trophies are awarded based on the number of positive reactions we received with one caveat, our reaction (like) to post ratio should be at least 2. A member with 300 posts and 500 reaction score (likes) has a ratio of 1.66 (500 divided by 300) and since it's less than 2 he wont be awarded a luminosity trophy. Quality over quantity, that's what on our mind when we created these trophies. There's also minimum number of posts required to move on to the next level. Members will only receive the next trophy level when they reach the required post count.

Enlightenment Trophies
Your post don't get likes because it's not for everyone. You assist Moderators by clicking report link to inform them of post that violates forum rules. You help members with their inquiry or request but sadly the member you helped most probably is the only one who will like your post. Believe us when we say we know the feeling. We see all of that, maybe not right away but we'll see it eventually and when we do you'll be awarded with these trophies. Enlightenment trophies are awarded manually and in random order.

Radiance Trophies
Charms can be acquired on Item Shop by spending bit. Collect them all and receive up to 150 trophy points. More information about Charms will be posted later.

Star of Symbianize
As your luminosity goes stronger your star shines brighter. When you reach certain number of trophy points you'll earn these trophies. Unlike other trophies you won't receive points when you receive these trophies but you'll be granted Star credits which you could use to purchase Star items in item shop (details about item shop will be posted later).

Show it off, you've earn it!

On Account Preferences page you'll find Displayed trophies option. Just click the space next to it to bring up the list of your current trophies. See the screenshot below if you need help locating it. Then select up to 2 trophies you'd like to display.


To view the current list of available trophies you may visit the help page by clicking this link.

For feedback and inquiries regarding this bulletin please follow the link below.

Reduced Luminosity Trophies D E F like-to-post ratio from 2 to 1.
Added veteran trophy for former staff members of the old forums.
Brilliance Trophies added for donation achievements.

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  • Luminosity, Enlightenment, and Brilliance trophies are ranking up categories like Star of Symbianize and only the highest rank trophy among those categories will be displayable on posts.
  • Lowered the required reaction scores and removed the reaction-to-post ratio for C D E and F Luminosity trophies. This is probably temporary so you might wanna take advantage of this update if you plan on collecting more trophies.
  • Added Star of Symbianize Lv7 and Lv8 trophies.
  • Added new category Brilliance II trophies.
These trophies are awarded to Diamond Members who have continued to contribute through donations. Each trophy has a different total donation set which are not disclosed publicly for anonymity purposes. We may, however, PM a Lv5 Moderator to inquire if we're curious to know the next trophy's achievement details. That is, to inquire about Rose Quartz trophy, we need to get the Philanthropist trophy first.​

Luminosity trophies will no longer be awarded due to misuse and exploitation of the reaction system.
Staff now has the sole discretion in rewarding trophy points to members based on their contribution to the forums.

We are planning to introduce new trophies similar to Luminosity trophies but without points.

  • Added Symbianize Staff Medals
Given to Symbianize Staff Members for their role in keeping the forums organized and maintaining order and harmonious environment through implementation of forum rules and guidelines in accordance to Symbianize core values. Reverence Medal trophies can only be displayed in posts by current Moderators. Former Moderators who own a Reverence Medal trophy won't be able to display it in posts. Stewardship Medal trophies are awarded annually to current Moderators and have different design each year which adds to its rarity and prestige.​

  • Added Heroic Medals
A set of Heroic Medal trophies is given to members who have achieved both Heroic Star Member status and Heroic Diamond Member status. They will automatically receive the Heroic Medals as soon as they own both Star Lv10 Hypernova and Tourmaline trophies.​
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