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  1. Symbianizer

    Conversation System (Private Messaging) - updated with more options

    Check out the new options and changes to the Conversations (private messaging) below. Basic Members Reply limit is set to 100. If a conversation already has 100 messages, you won't be able to reply anymore, you need to start a new conversation instead. Maximum number of conversations is set...
  2. Symbianizer

    Closing or Locking Own Thread

    We may now close our own threads by ourselves. We suggest closing your thread if your request or inquiry has been answered, if you expect to be away for some time and wants to prevent spam from the threads you maintain, or whatever reason you find it's best to close your thread. To close the...
  3. Symbianizer

    Symbianize Master Awards

    We understand that we all have our own motivation for sharing. And for those who do it primarily for Symbianize and its members deserve our utmost respect and appreciation. Symbianize Master Awards (SMA), which are named after our Honorary Members, are given at the end of the year to those...
  4. Symbianizer

    Moderator Training (For Aspiring Moderators of Symbianize)

    Some of us might be wondering what set of skills is needed to become Symbianize Moderator. Actually we don't need special skills to be one. All we need is proper understanding of our rules. Given the proper guidance, anyone could do it effectively and with ease. And since no forum site is alike...
  5. Symbianizer

    Chatbox is waiving, drop by and say hi!

    Shoutbox is now live. Go ahead and try it, communicate instantly with our fellow Symbianizers. If you're in desktop, shoutbox is located at the sidebar just above the Forum statistics. Mobile users will have to scroll all the way down to access the shoutbox. User tagging also works in shoutbox...
  6. Symbianizer

    Donation Drive For Symbianize Forum

    Symbianize is now accepting donations for the development and maintenance of the site which includes bandwidth costs, webhosting service, software licensing fees, server upgrades, and occasional hiring of design and coding professionals. Click here for more details.
  7. Symbianizer

    User Groups - Star Members, Diamond Members, Pioneers, etc.

    Symbianize members are classified according to the groups below. Basic Members The default group for new members with account restrictions. Advanced Members Members whose account is 1 month old and made 20 posts. Account restrictions are removed. Privileged Groups Prime Members Members...
  8. Symbianizer

    Symbianize Item Shop

    Item Shop is a simple way of recognizing our members who've made contributions through donations or overall forum activity. There are 2 types of items being sold on the item shop, Bit items and Star items, which can be purchased using Bits and Stars respectively. Star Items (For Privileged and...
  9. Symbianizer

    Symbianize Trophies - added Staff and Heroic Medals

    Trophy points are awarded automatically based on forum activity. You may check the trophy's description for details. Most of the trophies are self-explanatory but we'll try to clarify it further below. General Trophies These are introductory generic trophies focusing on our Symbianize...
  10. Symbianizer

    One-time Username Change [EXPIRED]

    New forums, new username? Why not! Kung gusto po nating magpalit ng username punta lang tayo sa Account Details page. Isang beses lang po tayo pwedeng magpalit so pag-isipan po muna nating mabuti ipapalit natin at double check ang spelling. :) By the way, yung username change option sa...
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