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Conversation System (Private Messaging) - updated with more options

Check out the new options and changes to the Conversations (private messaging) below.

Basic Members

  • Reply limit is set to 100. If a conversation already has 100 messages, you won't be able to reply anymore, you need to start a new conversation instead.
  • Maximum number of conversations is set to 50. If you already have 50 conversations you wont be able to start or receive new conversation until you leave an existing conversation.
  • Maximum number of messages is set to 500. If you already have 500 messages in total you won't be able to use conversations anymore until you free up some space by leaving existing conversation.
  • Lock or unlock a conversation. You may stop a conversation without leaving by locking it instead. Staff members are still allowed to reply on a locked conversation and they could prevent any member from unlocking their own conversation.

Additional options for Nonbasic Members

  • Reply limit is set to 1000. Maximum number of conversations is set to 300. Maximum number of messages is set to 3000.
  • Conversation Export. You now have an option to save conversation to a downloadable file. You may download a conversation before leaving if there's information worth saving.
  • Labels. Functions like mail-like folders. You now have the ability to create labels and assign them to your conversations for easy referencing.
  • Conversation Rules. You may set mail-box like rules to automatically assign conversations to labels as they are received.
  • Auto respond to conversation starter. You have the ability to set an auto response message to new conversations you receive while away from the forum. You could set a start date, an end date, and the reply that will be automatically sent whenever you receive new conversation.
  • Last Read Date. View the conversation participant's last read date with a link to the last message they have read. This date and link can be found underneath each of the participant's username and title in the participants block of each conversation. If you prefer not to display your last read date information, you may opt-out by going to Account/Privacy page and deselect 'Show your Last Read Date of conversation messages', in which case your last read date will display as 'N/A'.
  • View participants who have left the conversation. Participants who have left a conversation permanently (those who left and chose to ignore future messages), are now displayed with a strikethrough on their username. It lets you know whether a participant will no longer see or read your message. If all other participants have left the conversation, replying will be disabled to prevent sending out a message that no one will ever read.

Additional options for Star Members, Diamond Members, Symbianize Masters

  • Reply limit is set to 2000. Maximum number of conversations is set to 1000. Maximum number of messages is set to 10000.
  • Increased the default maximum conversation recipients to 5 (previously set to 1). Phonebook items (updated) are still available if you wish to add more.
  • Sticky a conversation. Conversations can now be set as Stickies. A Sticky ensures the conversation will always remain at the top of the list.
  • Unwatch a conversation. You may unwatch a conversation to disable receiving alerts from that conversation. Alerts from conversation started by Staff members cannot be suppressed.
  • Kick participants out of conversations. You may kick a participant out of the conversation you started via a 'kick' link at the bottom of the participants list. A kicked member may be re-invited into the conversation at any time. Please note that members who left the conversation on their own accord cannot be invited back. Staff members cannot be kicked out of conversations.
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