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Short Story almost snuffed out

for a long time, i've been wasted myself on sleepless nights, having flavored drinks, energy drinks. food to eat all you can status. even though i know there are things that is very bad for me, but even so, i choose to pressed. then i realized it is a very bad idea real quick...

last march 6, i was reminded how fragile i am.
in the morning my foot is aching from ankles to the fingers of my foot. shoot, i catch it again, edima or the swelling of ankles and foot. i disregard saying that it will be ok on a week. comes, 6pm while prepping the vegetables for our viad that day, i suddenly felt dizzy, then a rush of cold the tip of my nose until half of my body vertically. the level of scare rise through me because my breathing is becoming shallow my eyes are closing like it won't open again. all i can mutter is "HALELLUJAH" over and over. Praise GOD, somehow my felt the warm again. and being seen by my step mother in that situation pull some first aid on me and i recover from that harrowing experience. and thank GOD for it. i almost snuffed out.

so the lesson here is, be cautious of the things that will lead to your own sickness especially when you are fully aware of those and most important of all, call unto GOD in the midst of trouble, HE will help as long as pray...
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