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Poem Firefly


A lonely heart beat
In the silence of the night.
So frail, so fragile
Is your light.

With all your might
You shine bright.
You bring color
To my deepest night.
I wish time will stop it's flight
Else, the morning will steal this precious sight.

A light that dances with a silent melody.
A dreamy scene that eases away my agony.
My soul was captured!
To hold you, my hands were lured.
I want to keep you in my heart.
But freedom is the magic of your art.
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napapadami na ang sulat mo ah :lol: buti ka pa :)

nakaka relate ako sa first stanza :lol: lonely heartbeat :slap:

nice share!
Medyo nakakanakaw ng mga sandali para makapagsulat. Hehe

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