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This thread aims to spread the good news of cryptocurrency among Filipinos. With Bitcoin being the popular, we would like to set a small stage for the safest wallet to store your crypto.
Klever started from $Trx (Tron) Blockchain project that metamorphosed into an ultimate non custodial wallet that supports major blockchains. As you are familiar with the dogma "not your keys, not your crypto" -- Klever $KLV does not have access to your 12 seed words. You and you alone is the sole responsible person for your keys. No one in klever community can give back your keys in case you lost it.

For more info kindly visit the official twitter account: @klever_io
Official Website:
Official Exchange Website:

Download the official wallet at:
Kindly use the link for my referral.

if you want to follow me on twitter: @klever_orionis


Important Notice
================================= et,al will have a 100% APR for staking starting April 2022, lasting for 3 months. Full Article here

What is APR? Anua Percantage Rate, simply means that in 1 year approximately you can double your money. But when you say 3 months that would translate into 100%/365.25days multilpied by 90days.

To make it easier to understand, ie

1000 $KLV = staked will be 2000$KLV in 1 year
1000 $KLV = staked will be 1 246.40 $KLV in just 3 months.

Now what would it be in pesos?

as of yesterday 1 $KLV = P1.09
as of today 1 $KLV = P1.29

1000 $KLV= 1090 yesterday and 1290 today
imagine what your 1246.40 KLV will become sooner or later!

See you on the other side symbianizers!

Poor: Its risky!
Rich: Lets manage that risk ^_^

Update as of March 31, 2022
If you have invested 1000 pesos during the thread creation, you have bought 775.193 $KLV.

This will have a total value of P1,255.82 .

PS: It is not time to sell yet. Road to 16 pesos is far away as of the moment.
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 21.53.44.png
Klever official twitter: @klever_io
Philippine Telegram group of Klever (Official) join
My official Twitter : A follow is always appreciated


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