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Literati Presents: Compilation Of Writing Challenges

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Literati Individual Challenge
Search for something (anything) interesting in Symbianize then write about it. It could be about a thread, a member, a site feature, latest happenings on our forum or just about anything that tickles your fancy. Poem, short story, essay or whatever writing format you'll use is acceptable.
Shoutbox by Jefiner
Byaheng SanDocena by mind^^FREAK
para kay SE by panjo
Reputation Points by 16MinutesLate​

Literati House Challenge
How well do you know your fellow Literati? Write what you know about them, your impression of their personality and how you perceive them. You can be brutally honest on your observations but no below-the-belts, please. We're all friends here. Just give an honest to goodness observation of how you see them as a person, as a friend, and as a fellow writer and literati. Poem, short story, essay or whatever writing format you'll use is acceptable.
Panjo by Jefiner
Maestro by Sankaturyo
Ang Aking Kaibigan by mind^^FREAK
SiyasiVintot by melala
Melala pa ba dito? by panjo
Dyen by 16MinutesLate
Dyen Lumuha Ka by akosivintot

Red Writing Challenge
Red is the rage. And we are all flaming red. To mark this occasion, and as a welcome treat to our fellow Symbianizers, let's all write in red!

The Challenge:
Write and post a literary output in Symbianize (at i-post din natin sa website) that features the color red. It can be anything. Tula, short story, essay, anecdote, etcetera.

The Deadline:
October 21-October 26

Points to be Awarded:
This writing challenge is worth 1.5 points.
Hate Red by 16MinutesLate
Tatlong Pulang Rosas by jefiner
Pulang Drum by panjo
Red is... by akosivintot
Ang Pulang Kahon by skylar21
The Red Mystery by pierrot27
Who Owns The Magical Red Pen? by melala
Pula Sa Lupa by mind^^FREAK
Ayaw Ko Na Po Ng Pula, Nay by PadrePio
Pulang Kandila by heinriq
Red by sam_wel

January Weekly Challenge
Write a 250-word story about FEAR.

250 words. No more. No less.

* worth 1.5 points
Elevator by Jefiner
Pagbiya by panjo
Sweetness Of Death by 16MinutesLate
Pinto by PadrePio
Ang Silid by mind^^FREAK​

March Challenge
Are you familiar with this tongue twister, 'How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?'

Apparently, may Latin version pala yan. And it goes like this: 'Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?'

Juice Mio. What a mouthful. Just imagine having to repeat that abominable phrase 10 times.

However, IMO nothing beats my own regional language's (Waray-Samareño) tongue twister: 'Tarungatingan nga gitarungatangi.' Short and sweet, ain't it? Now try repeating that 10 times. And with your mouth bursting with pulburon.

Speaking of tongue twisters, here's a writing challenge:

Write a 250-word essay that sounds like a tongue twister. Usual points apply.

May Challenge
a writing challenge:

Write a vignette, an excerpt, a narrative or a full blown story using any post on the thread below. Min of 250 words.
Ano ang sinabi sa'yo ng huling taong nakausap mo?​
Anna by 16MinutesLate
Uwian na daw by blindpen18
Samahan Mo Nga Ako Maligo by pierrot27​

May Challenge
In line with the re-launching of our website, I would like everyone to come up with an original output not yet posted anywhere else. Tapos dun natin ipopost sa website ang mga gawa natin. Worth 1.5 points.

Choose from any of these topics:


Topic I: "How did you come to like/love writing?"

--- must be in essay format

--- not less than 250 words

--- English, Tagalog, or Taglish may be used

Topic II: You wake up every morning to find melon seeds on your doorstep. Sometimes there would be five of them. Sometimes 3, or 10, or 16. The number of seeds left are seemingly random. Until, it suddenly occurred to you that the numbers aren't random at all. You found out that they form a code, and that there's a hidden message behind it. Who could be sending them? Why the secrecy? And what was the hidden message all about?

--- narrative format (can be a vignette or a full blown story)

--- not less than 250 words

--- English, Tagalog, or Taglish may be used

Topic III: Choose a plot from our Plot Friday thread and write about it.

--- essay or narrative format

--- not less than 250 words

--- English, Tagalog, or Taglish may be used
Why I came to like writing? by jefiner
Literati Challenge: Why I Write by 16MinutesLate
Literati Challenge: Why I Write by melala
Literati challenge: Bakit ko Inibig ang pagsulat? by mind^^FREAK
Anghel ng Kidlat (buto ng melon challenge) by panjo
Ragnarok & How I Came To Love Writing by PadrePio
Akalain mo yun? by Amphie88
bakit ako nagsusulat by sam_wel
Why I Write by akosivintot
Bakit ko nga ba nahiligan ang Pagsulat? by Circuited Soul
Dalawang-Tasang Lapis by iksenim09
Bakit ako nagsusulat? by takerock
Contentment by 14th
Room No. 02 by Miss Red
Suplado Tips and the Kikiam Experience & How i come into writing by 10reason
Butong Pakwan by adiksadownload
Un-owned by breaker004​

June Challenge
Every writer has his own style of writing, a unique way of expressing his thoughts into words. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how different writers will go about finishing a story using the same opening lines?


For the past 25 years of my life, I've only written two short stories. It's not for lack of imagination though. My head is always bursting with ideas to write about. My failure---if you can call it that---can be more attributed to damage control. And conscience. It always boils down to conscience. You see, I do not like writing for the simple fact that if I begin to write, I will have to kill.


So here's our very first Writing Challenge for the month of June:


1. English is the preferred writing medium.
2. You may not deviate from the opening paragraph. The next paragraph---and the next---is fair game though.
3. It must be a complete story. Meaning, it must have a beginning, a middle and an ending. No vignettes and simple narratives.
4. No limits on number of words to be used. Use as much words you'd want to finish your story.
5. This writing challenge will run for the entire month of June. You may start posting your stories in Symbianize from 12:00AM of June 1 to 11:59PM of June 30, PHL time.

What's in it for me?


1. your entry is worth 3.5 points.
2. 80 reputation points and Symbianize Choice Award in Writing ribbon for the best story. (To be decided by yours truly)

For Tropang Magnum and other Symbianize writers:

1. 50 reputation points and Symbianize Choice Award in Writing ribbon for the best story. (To be decided by LITERATI group.)
2. 15 reputation points for every participants of the writing challenge.

Let's welcome June with a bang. Write na. Now na!
Emotionally! [PadrePio's Challenge] by Circuited Soul
Undecided Writer by 10reason
Kill to Write by sam_wel
Novel: The Killer Ink by ArCiZei
Unwanted Help by Archangelic013
Work in Progress by Miss Red​
June Challenge
Writing Exercise for the day:

Write a love/romantic scene gone wrong. Minimum of 250 words.

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December 2011: Writing exercise Numero Bilang I
Writing exercise Numero Bilang I

Imagine yourself as a lexicographer. Invent a definition of the following imaginary words. State what type of words each is (noun, verb, etc.) and use each one in a sentence:






worth .25 point (no penalty for not accomplishing task)

barble (verb)​
- to lift a barbel while gargling
sarmenish (adj) - a person like this
sandocenity (noun) - a person who eats paper
mirudin (noun) - a person that is blue in color (example, avatar)
daviocall (verb) - to dial on the phone using your tongue
trummer (noun) - a person who uses his/her stomach as a drum

One day a person walks by the street, he saw a sarmenish boy crying at the corner. As the person approaches the boy, he gets repelled like something blocks between the two of them. He did what he can but he keeps getting repelled.

A mirudin girl came. She asked the person why does he keep on trying to get close to the sarmenish boy. The person answered that he wants to pamper him. The girl understood what the person meant so she daviocalled the trummer.

After 10 minutes, a trummer came. The person explained what he wants to do with the sarmenish boy. The trummer then gives a beat causing a slight earthquake in their place. The sarmenish boy looked at them. As he walks, the 3 peoples are instantly being repelled. The boy stopped and so as the 3 people. The person was worried a lot.

Meanwhile at a restaurant. A guy called the waiter. The waiter gave him the menu, he got shocked when the guy ate the menu.

“Sandonecity! I’ll go get water and try to barble with the menu, I’ll then vomit it to a glass then you can drink it!” the waiter said.

“Good idea! I’ll give you a huge tip for that” the guy said.​
mirudin – (adj)​
– a derogatory remark, to mean, small, big footed, and big nosed people.
Sam hated being called mirudin by the neighborhood.
daviocall – (adj) – a wicked person.
But Sam being the center of bullies, he turned daviocall.
Sandocenity – (n) The name of the evil organization of the chosen twelve.
He applied to the Sandocenity and passed the scrutiny.
barble (v) – to spew gibberish words
He draws a pentagram and barble in it.
trummer – (n) a plant used in the art of witch craft.
“With this trummer,” he daviocally said after barbling, “I can kill you like pigs!”
sarmenish – (n) a voodoo doll.
Sam twisted the neck of the sarmenish and then screams were heard.​

mirudin - (n.) small creatures having six ears and four eyes (use in a sentence - Janeya saw five mirudins lurking behind her closet)
sarmenish - (n) a long legged white horse (use in a sentence - Amelia use to ride on her favorite sarmenish.)
daviocall (v) to type with your keyboard using only your thumb (use in a sentence - Ernest is a well versed daviocall)
barble (v) throwing a ball on barbies (used in a sentence - Jana used to play barble)
rummer (n) a hammer shape truck (use in a sentence - Luisa finds it hard to clean her trummer)
sandocenity - (v) infinite counting ( use in a sentence - Sandocenity is the favorite past-time of Jennifer.)​
Barble (adj.)
- a guy who is addicted to a barbie doll
(e.g. Bruno is a barble)

Sarmenish (n.)
- a place whe a barble play his barbie doll.
(e.g. The favorite place of Bruno is sarmenish.)

Sandocenity (n.)
- (Philippine Myth) is a large, cruel and 12 headed hideous humanoid monster.
(e.g. Sandocenity is the most scary monster in philippine mythical creatures)

Mirudin (n.)
- is a dish made of crocodile skin, which is steamed or boiled in a banana leaf wrapper.
(e.g. Bruno loves to eat mirudin)

Daviocall (v.)
- the act of summoning a sandocenity.
(e.g. Bruno began to daviocall when he realized that his barbie doll is lost.)

Trummer (adj.)
- a person who strum his/her teeth to produce a sound.
(e.g. Bruno is also a trummer)​
barble – noun, bar-bol. A piece of decoration embedded on the belt by barbarians.
Usage: Tol, ayos yang barble mo ah, ang cute, may heart shape pa.

sarmenish - verb, sar-me-nish. A way to cook canned sardines. (only in the Philippines!)
Pre1: Pare, anung luto gagawin ko dito sa Ligo?
Pre2: I-sarmenish mo na lang.

sandocenity – noun, san-do-se-ni-tee. Refers to a place where most of the people are wearing “sando”.
Usage: Sarap talaga tumambay sa sandocenity.

mirudin - verb, mee-roo-deen. An act of finishing an activity.
Usage: O pano mga ‘tol, mirudin ko na to ha.

daviocall – verb, dah-veo-kohl. The act of assisting someone that is making or on a call.
Usage: Sige i-dial mo na! Wag ka mag-alala. Ida-daviocall kita!

trummer – noun, tru-mer. Someone that is making false stuffs to appear true.
Usage: Trummer talaga yung si ano, naloko tayo dun ah.​
Writing Exercise Numero Bilang II

Write a short love scene between two inanimate objects. (ex. a chair and a table) 250-500 words.

worth .65 point (no penalty for not accomplishing the task)
Mainit ang hangin sa loob ng kwarto. Ngunit malamig ang pakiramdam. Tila di nagpapansinan ang dalawang laman nito, galling nga ba sa pagkakagalit o tamang tampuhan lamang ?

Niyapos ng isa ang kabiyak. Umiwas ito sa kanan.

Nilapitan itong muli, umiwas naman sa kaliwa.

Ilang beses siyang umiwas, sa kaliwa, sa kanan. Galit nga ba ? o nagpapakipot nga lang siya ?

Hindi na matukoy kung alin nga ba. Tumigil sa paglapit ang mapusok na nagsisinta.
Katahimikan ang nanaig sa dalawa, tuloy pa din ng iwas ang isa.

Ngunit, sa di inaasahang pangyayari, nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. Siya’y tumigil. Nagiisip ? nangangambang mawala ang sinisinta ? Patagilid siyang sumulyap sa kanyang likuran. Naghihintay ng kahit onting pag galaw.

At gayon nga ang nangyari. Hindi mapigilan ang damdamin ginawa na ang lahat para makapitan ang siyang nasa harap niya. Niyapos, niyakap, kinapitan ng mahigpit na pag hawak, kinapitan para di makapalag. At aba ! kita mo nga naman, ni hindi na nga siya pumalag.

Walang imik ang nilalang na siyang tumanggap ng kanyang mga yakap na punong puno ng pagnanasa. Ano pa nga bang susunod dito ? eh malamang alam niyo na.

Niyapos ang kabuuan, mula sa baba pataas, dahan dahan, bumibilis, paikot-ikot, patuloy ang lampungan. Tuloy tuloy ang pagkapit sa lahat ng makakapitan. At ng kanilang naabot ang sukdulan ng kanilang pagkakapulupot sa isa’t isa, napasigaw na tila ba’y nasaktan !


Putangina… pumalupot ang kurtina ko sa aking electric fan.​
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Para sa tropang Magnum and everyone who loves writing, here's a writing challenge:

You're alone in you're room trying to write. But for some reason, you're terrified. For a minimum of 200 words, write about what's scaring you.

You can post it here or you can create a new thread in Stories and Essays section. Your output can be a vignette, a narrative or a full blown story.

Best written output gets a +rep from me.

Keep Writing!

Munting Anghel - born-san
Sampay sa Bintana - adiksadownload
ugong - rolanjun55
Kisapmata - 14th
Ang Anino at Ang Apat na Sulok ng Purgatoryo - ArCiZei
Katotohanan - Jefiner
Tripped by a Poltergeist - breaker004
Overtime - Miss Red
Kama - Circuited Soul
Apocalyptic Friend - iksenim09
Hindi Makatulog - Oops15
Prediction - 10reason
Tagtagainep - panjo
The Witness - elmai13
Dear Blank - Amphie

How do you know, that you know, that the mind knows, that it knows?

With a minimum of 200 words, explain your answer. A green cube awaits for the peep with the best answer. (English, Taglish or Tagalog may be used.)

:thanks: to Circuited Soul :salute:
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07-A Writing exercise good for 10 days.
Worth 1 point.

According to Sherlock Holmes, most people, when they view a scene, they only see it but they do not observe. For instance, when you climb a stairs most of you won't be able to tell how many steps are in that stairs. If I ask you now to describe to me in great detail how the second to the last person you've talked to today looks like (what color was his tie? or did he have one? was he wearing a watch? what kind of watch was it? etc.), I'm quite sure you can only give me general and vague details.

Now I always believe that one thing that distinguishes a creative writer from a non-writing person is the fact that he knows how to observe. He sees the world in varying colors, sounds, sights and emotions; he notices the smallest details every situation.

So, after that rather long segue, eto na ang writing challenge natin for the week (good for 10 days):

Go to a room. Or a certain place. It can be outside a building or inside one. Now observe your surroundings. Then tell us what you see: the colors, the smell, the sounds, the emotions. . . Your perceptions of the place. What do you feel about your surroundings? How about the people?

Show us. Tell us. In 200 words or more.
July 6 by BlindPen18
Sundalong Kanin by panjo
Jeepney by Circuited Soul
Anino by Amphie88
Landas Tungo Pabalik by Archangelic013​
07-B Writing exercise good for 10 days.
Worth 1 point

You built a bridge on broken dreams.

Poetry format. Any kind.
Bridge On Broken Dreams by 16MinutesLate
Bridge on Broken Dreams by sam_wel
Alone by Archangelic013
Greatest Sins by breaker004
Mga Nasirang Pangarap by Circuited Soul
My bridge of love over the rainbow by jefiner (Late)
Four More Bridges by melala (Late)
Yumi's Crib by Miss Red (Late)​
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July Challenge
Most of us stumbled upon Symbianize because we were looking for ways on how to enhance our mobile phones, PCs, tablets; how to get free internet; how to set up VPN; etc. In short, una tayong napadpad sa Symbianize mostly because of inquiries about gadgets and technology in general.

As what is stated in our usergroup description, SanDocena ". . .aims to promote creative writing as a means of expressing one’s self to others and a vehicle for sharing technological knowledge. By writing prose and poetry, we also aim to expose the all too human aspect of technology, the emotions behind the inventions."

With that in mind, for July's monthly writing challenge, I would like every LITERATI to write a creative/artistic tutorial of a techie stuff that you know of and that you can find in Symbianize. Pwede itong tutorial ng pag gamit ng isang computer program o software; about blogging; panu makalibre sa internet; coding; etc.

Gawing creative ang pagkakasulat. Pwede gumamit ng images, bb codes, etc. The purpose here is to write an engaging and interesting technical article. Kasi kung mapapansin nyu, halos lahat ng mga technical Tuts and how-tos ay boring, na kung di ka talaga interesado pano magkaroon ng free internet for example, eh hindi mo ito pag-aaksayahan ng panahong basahin.

Duration: whole month of July
points: worth 2 individual points
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Writing Exercise Bilang 2-A
(Hackneyed Openings)


Avoid hackneyed openings.

This is one of the most popular advice you'll hear in the writing world. But what does hackneyed mean? When we say "hackneyed" it means 'made commonplace by frequent use'. Simply put, these are opening sentences or phrases that used to be impressive when they were first used by whoever came up with them but. . . through intense borrowing and copying by other writers, became so commonplace that they lost their distinct flavor and appeal to readers. When writing stories, hackneyed openings must be avoided like the proverbial bubonic plague.

However, I got to thinking. Instead of being a liability in our writing, can we turn it into a valuable tool or asset? Would it be possible to use hackneyed openings to spice up our stories a little bit?

For writers, the imagination's the limit so. . . why not chokwanut. :D

Now here's the challenge. Write an opening for a story using this hackneyed opening: "IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT."

It can be just an opening paragraph or you can choose to write a complete story out of it if you want. There is no word limit. This writing exercise is worth (1) one point for LITERATI members and 15 rep points for non-Literatis/Tropang Magnum and this is good for the whole month of February.

PadrePio's Sample:
It was a dark and stormy night when their child was born. As hackneyed an opening as it is, the truth was that it really was a dark and stormy night. For some unknowable reasons the wind was howling in such a fury that night and it was venting its anger upon the trees surrounding their farm; they were being trashed about in violent ways, with limbs and trunks flying in all directions. Every now and then a thunderous roar would be heard from the heavens and the streaks of lightning that would follow would illuminate the entire valley, showing a great multitude of leaves being showered like confettis upon the farm house, upon the pigs squealing at a distance, upon the chickens jumping up and down in fright and upon the cows in the nearby corral whose pitiful mooings could be heard distinctly in the night. The electricity have long been cut off and the lights were out. The farm was enveloped in an almost total darkness. All except in one of the rooms of the big farmhouse where one tiny candle was struggling to hold its flame against the onslaught of the mighty wind outside. It was very dark, and very stormy indeed, when their child first saw the light, or in this case, the first darkness of this world.
Fireworks by Miss Red
The Executioner's Kingdom by 14th
Snow White and the Seven Beasts by sam_wel
With A Kiss I'll die by mind^^FREAK
Light and Dark by adiksadownload
A Vampire's Love Story by 16MinutesLate
Junior and Senior's Creepy Night by breaker004
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Literati House Challenge by GL Jefiner
The Challenge:

How cooperative and coordinated each one of you in the group?
• Write something about your journey/experience being a writer/literati member.
• The challenge must consist of four (4) chapters, one for each of the house members.
• Upon ending the first chapter, the next writer will begin his/her story with the last word of the last chapter.
• Each chapter has a minimum word of 250.​
• First group to submit their entry will receive 15 reputation points each (for Padre’s approval)
• First group to submit their entry will receive 110 reputation points each (for Padre’s approval)​
• Failure to comply with the above challenge will need to make a poem about Literati in sonnet form.​

Ang Umuugang Bahay ni Batute



Paglalakbay sa Isang Punit na Pahina: Literati House Challenge
18th Mar 2013 Mon, 22:23


Ang Sinisintang Bahay ni Rio Alma



Ang Apat na Sulok ng Aming Tahanan: Literati House Challenge
27th Mar 2013 Wed, 17:16


Mga Malikhaing Isip sa Bahay ni Michael Coroza


Miss Red

Hindi Kami Magso-sonnet: Literati House Challenge
29th Mar 2013 Fri, 10:24

Literati Individual Challenge - September 2013 by GL 16MinutesLate​

• Gumawa ng poem, short story, essay or whatever writing format you'll use is highly acceptable para sa larawan na nakikita nyo sa ibaba. (Depende na sa iyong interpretasyon maaring na-miss na pumanaw mong mahal sa buhay, asawang sumakabilang bahay, ex mo na sumama sa iba, long distance relationship, etc. )
• Tagalog, english o taglish
• Minimum 500 words (Poem minimum of 12 lines )
• Post it to symbianize before september 15
• Failure to post your output before the said date ay mag-i-sponsor ng 100petot load para sa other upcoming literati contests.


sam_wel -- Papaano Namatay si Pablo **
5th Sep 2013 Thu, 20:34

Circuited Soul -- Just a Panaginip *
6th Sep 2013 Fri, 22:38

Panjo -- Panaginip **
9th Sep 2013 Mon, 23:10

jefiner -- Paano? *
12th Sep 2013 Thu, 12:35

16minuteslate -- Last Chance *
12th Sep 2013 Thu, 18:16

mind^^FREAK -- Torpe *
12th Sep 2013 Thu, 18:38

breaker004 -- Secret **
13th Sep 2013 Fri, 21:34

Amphie88 -- Kahon **
19th Sep 2013 Thu, 14:47


* Poem
** Short Story
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