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General Inquiry Recommendations for best stock Android phone?


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Need help with your recommendations. Suggest kayo ng magandang phone na stock android yung OS.
  1. If it helps, ibang brands aside from Google Pixel. Given na kasi yun :lol:.
  2. Price is not an issue.
  3. Zero ads is preferable.
  4. Casual use, gaming not a priority.
  5. Camera quality is not important.


quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur
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Sadly po, OnePlus' OxygenOS is no longer the stock OS-like beauty it once was.

The current versions - OxygenOS 11 and then 12, pero LALONG-LALO NA ang 12 - are pretty much Oppo's ColorOS, just tweaked a bit.

Hindi naman kasing bloated ni ColorOS, but there are traces here and there, plus some of Color's graphical flourishes.

And I have to mention the bugs, and the slow SW updates. Hindi ganito si OnePlus noon.

Source: Hanapin nyo pa sa net ang mga critiques kina OxygenOS 11 & 12. And I also own a OnePlus 7 I had updated to those versions... I miss OxygenOS 10. Yun yung pinnacle talaga ng UI nya.
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