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'Till I Found You

Uso ba daw yung love poems pag love month... Sabi nga ni reccipot feb-ibig daw. This one's plain and simple. Minsan talaga you don't really have to complicate things. Simple love in an extraordinary way.

'Till I Found You

There was love all around
Every corner, it could be found.
A simple smile
Can change a tear and brighten up the sky.
But I never did care till I found you.

Melodies of love filled the air
Making one think of how happy life can be.
But I never did care till you whispered i love you in my ear.

They say love has a sweet fragrance
Sending an aroma of good mood even to those hiding in their hood.
But I never did care till I smelled the scent of your hair.

Some say love's touch can heal
It dries the wounds,
The pain it peels.
But i never did care until you hold me by the hand and pulled me so near.

I never tasted love, I never did care
All seems like a fairy tale.
But then I found you,
And I said, "love is there."

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:thanks:sa pag basa at sa magandang comment kaibigan.
sir pagamit po ako para sa darating na valentines day:thumbsup: hehehe
:thanks: po sa inyong pagbasa.. At sa mga comment.

Nawa mapasaya nyan yung mga sinta nyo.
Bump. It's love month.
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