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Poem A Message For Denise

Years past by
Between the two of us
We may became friends
In the first place I didn't notice
Either it's real or fake
Until I realize it was a joke

I'm confused when you confess that you like me
Even though you're in a relationship that time
You didn't hear my exact answer because It didn't bother's me

I used to listen to your problems including your family
I strive to understand everything just to cheer you up
But you didn't notice my worth

A year goes by
Until I realize
I think I like you
After I confess
It doesn't concern's you
I didn't count how many times that I like you
But you didn't care
Because your two ears is covered by two hands

Now it was clear to me
Everytime I said that I love you
You didn't care at all
There's no point in pushing myself just to be with you
It's a waste of time

I doesn't matter to me at all
Neither you response or not
I became heartless again
Because of you
My dark side is awake
There's no turning back
All I can hear from you is beg

Before it happens
I already dig your own grave
It's too late for forgiveness
I don't have the heart to laugh
But I have the heart of a ruthless criminal

You see it coming
Start searching for evidence
I won't leave a trace

DIE slow!
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