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How to get a job in Call Center? [questions, opinions & experiences are wel

balita ko marami nasisira buhay sa call center? i mean dahil sa stress, yung iba nahohospital, nadedepress, totoo ba to?
nasa indibidwal po yan. yes, stressful pero kung alam mo pano imanage yung sarili mo kakayanin naman yan :thumbsup:
that question killed me on my previous application

another one
"rate ur english proficiency from 1-10..10 being the highest"

i always answer 7 being average.
can you help me answer the follow up question "why?"

thanks guys
Natanong to sakin sa interview before :yes:
Would be better po sana if you gave yourself a rating of 9. If they ask why, just bcuz there's always a room for improvement and you're willing to learn.
Don't downgrade yourself, remembaaa sarili mo kakampi mo and you need to convince them to hire you so better lift yourself high without sounding mayabang.
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