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Posts Imported From The Old Forum

Before anything else, we'd like to thank everyone for bearing with us in the past few days. We appreciate your patience and
understanding. And now we are glad to inform you that we have completed the migration of old posts and attachments from
the archive forum (Mobilarian) to Symbianize. Below are the notes related to the import process.
  • Threads from General Chat, request forums, and those started by banned members were not included in the process.
  • All old internal links won't work anymore since the old forum had different format of generating forum links.
  • Some external links are already broken or dead due to inactivity or OP decided not to keep them anymore.
  • Mobilarian forum is permanently closed now since it serves no purpose anymore.
  • The username change has been re-enabled, it was disabled before the maintenance to prevent additional work.
  • If you've changed both your username and email before the import then you now have 2 separate accounts and
    may request for account merge if we haven't done so already (PM Symbianizer for the account merge).

Most of the former Staff and Contributors in the old forum are no longer actively participating in the new forum but instead of
mixing them with other Advanced Members we've created a similar group for them, the Veteran Members, to acknowledge their
past contributions. Contributors were usually members with at least 500 reputation points, but we've decided to include those
members near that mark so members with at least 450 reps will be included to the Veteran Members group as well.

If a Veteran Member decides to be active again and is promoted to one of the Symbianize User Groups they will be removed from
the Veteran Members group. But they were awarded with Veteran trophy as well and they could display it on their posts if they prefer,
to serve as a visual reminder to everyone that they were once member of the Staff or Contributor in the old forum.
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