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What food do you consider as your comfort food?

Milk tea at shawarmas
either jollibee fried chicken or mang inasal...
pero ang pinakafavorite ko talaga sinigang! heheh
Pizza, Shawarma, Korean Foods
Ice cream and marshmallows :yummy:
Donuts, Burger and Ice cream

lucky me pancit canton pag nagtitipid hahah
Any noodle dishes (pasta, pancit (lalo na MALABON :) ), mami at ramen).
Kapag kumain ako niyan nababawasan stress ko.
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Pinakagusto ko Cream of Mushroom soup tapos sabayan ng garlic bread at Piknik (yung original, wag ung 50% less sodium). 2nd choice ung Sopas sabayan ng sky flakes.
cheese burger ng mcdo with large fries & monster float.. pizza burger ng didi's dito sa pampanga.. nomnomnomnom..:eat::wow:
Quickly... choco loco super. :yummy:
my comfort food will be

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