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Pinaka Exotic Food/Dish/Snacks na nakain mo? 🦂🐢🐍🦎🦌🐐

nakakain ako ng Palaka last Monday :rofl: jusko hindi ako makahindi nung tinanong akong gusto ko itry ang palaka! not that bad naman ung parang chicken wings( fried and may breading) but ung isa may sabaw. di ko keribels! :-(

It is a meat from Skate ( pagi kung tawagin sa atin)

A korean food with a strong smell of ammonia, fermented
My korean boss introduce this, according to S. Korean tradition, eating Hongeo reminds them
of struggles and hard life during Dynasty era.... They celebrate eating Hongeo once a year..
Fried palaka, parang fried chicken ang lasa hahaha
Tried Tamilok sa Palawan, okay naman ung lasa.
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